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Ayurveda means “The knowledge of Life” which deals elaborately and at length with conditions beneficial or otherwise to the humanity, and to factors conducive to the happiness or responsible for misery or sorrow, besides indicating measures for healthful living for full span of life.

Ayurveda is also considered as “Science of Life”. It is the earliest medical science having a positive concept of health to be achieved through a blending of physical, mental, social, moral, and spiritual welfare.

Ayurveda deals elaborately with measures of healthful living during the entire span of life and its various phases. Besides dealing with principles for maintenance of health, it has also developed a wide range of therapeutic measures to combat illness. Ayurveda became one of the oldest systems of medicine dealing with both the Preventive and Curative aspects of life in a most comprehensive way.



Siddha system of medicine is one of the traditional Indian systems of medicine and also one of the most ancient medical system in the world. Siddha medical system is invented & developed by '18 Siddhars' the the great saints of ancient dravidian land. The hallmark of Siddha medicine is its efficiency in treating chronic diseases in a short time duration with its purified herbo metal & herbo mineral combination in which its quality & safety is assured in each stages of its manufacturing.

The specialised diagnostic & treatment procedures like 'Naadi'(siddha way of pulse reading to analyse body condition), 'ManikadaiNool'(analysis of body condition with a thread), 'Neerkuri & Neikuri'(Siddha way of traditional urine examination), 'Varmam'(activation of 108 vital points in the body), 'Thokkanam'(Special siddha ORTHOPAEDIC manipulation therapy), 'Siddha Yoga'( yoga procedure developed by siddha saints) make siddha a unique way of treatment apart from the other known traditional systems.

Siddha medicine is specialised in the treatment for Cancer, Chronic Arthritis conditions , Psoariasis, Chronic skin ailments, various chronic respiratory diseases, PCOS , stomach ailments, paralysis & other bone & joint related ailments with its specialised 64 types of external & internal treatments.