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Treatment Description

Inducing sweating for therapeutic purpose is referred by the name 'Swedana' in Ayurveda . This can be used either for promotion of health or for curing the illness. By definition Steaming or 'Swedana' is the procedure that alleviates the stiffness of the body, relives sense of heaviness and cold . These effects are achieved by increasing the natural process of perspiration.

After body massage one is adviced to sit inside the steam chamber till he /she sweats completely. Cotton swab dipped in cold water should be placed over the chest towards left,in the position of heart brfore sitting inside the steam chamber.


  •  Remove Toxins & Cleanses the body.
  •  Removes Stiffness of joints and muscles.
  •  Give Relaxation.
  •  Improves Metabolism.
  •  Body will become very light after steam.
  •  Improves mobility of joints and muscles.
  •  Helps to remove excess fat from the body.
  •  Improves Complexion.

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