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Treatment Description

Ela kizhi is well known by the name "Patra Pinda Sweda". Inducing perspiration by using heated pack of specific herbal leaves is known as 'Patra Pinda Sweda'. The procedure is similar to Shashtika Sali Pinda Sweda. Following the abhyanga procedure any part of the body may be subjected to swedana procedure by the method of Patra Pinda Sweda. As the oil is applied before the swedana procedure this belongs to the category of Snigda sweda.


The person is made to lie on the droni, abhyanga is performed for few minutes with medicated oil followed by Pathra Pinda Sweda,where potali which is perpared with the medicated herbs is dipped in the heated oil and sudation is given to the affected part.

Duration:- 45 minutes


                    * It strengthens muscles, bones and nerves.

                    * Helps to reduce pain, inflammation and stiffness of the muscles.


  • Joint Pain
  • Swelling & Stiffness
  • Sprains & Cramps
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Back pain
  • Cervical Spondylosis
  • Lumbar Spondylosis
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