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Treatment Description

'Udwarthanam' is a procedure where medicated powder is rubbed over the body in a specific direction. It is one of the main weight reduction therapy mentioned in Ayurveda.It reduces excess fat from the body and helps to regain the normal structure of the body.

Body is rubbed with medicated powder in specific direction for about 45 minutes in different positions, followed by steam for 15 minutes completes the procedure.


                    Snigdha Udwarthana is powder massage with herbal paste prepaired by mixing herbal powders with medicated oils. This is  rubbed overbthe body. It helps in improving skin texture, complexion and glow. It reguvinates skin and cures skin diseases.

               2. ROOKSHA UDWARTHANA

                    In Rooksha Udwarthana dry powder is used for rubbing. It is used to reduce excess medus or fat in the body . This is mainly indicated in Obesity.

Duration:- 45 minutes

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