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Treatment Description

"Kati Vasti" is a procedure where there is retention of oil in the lower back with the help of a Rim or Pali around the lumbo-sacral region. Rim around the lumbo-sacral region helps the oil to retain for long time, which inturn give good nurishment to the joints and ligaments over there. This procedure is  unique,which comprises both snehana and swdana.

Patient is asked to lay down on his/her abdomen. Rim which is made out of black gram powder is fixed over Lumbo-sacral region and considerably warmed oil is poured inside the rim. Oil will be changed frequently to maintain the same warmth for 30 minutes.


  • Low Back Pain
  • Lumbar Spondylosis
  • IVDP
  • Degererative spine changes
  • Lubricates lumbar and sacral bones etc,

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