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Treatment Description

 "Administration of medicines through nostrils in the form of oil, decoction or powder is called NASYA". Nostrils are the entry points to head. So it clears the disease or deformity pertaining to head and neck.      


1. Marsa ( Nasya with 6 to 10 drops)

2. Avapida ( With decoctions)

3. Pradhamana (With medicated powder)

4.Dhooma ( With medicated smoke)

5.Prathimarsa ( Nasya with minimum dosage)                                                   

Commonly used Medicines:

Oils:- Anutaila, Shatbindu Taila, Dhanwantharam Taila, Ksheerabala Taila etc.

Decoctions:- Adathoda vasica, Zingiber officianale, Piper nigrum etc.



The patient should sit or lie down in a comfortable posture. He has to undergo gentle massage over the head, forehead and face followed by mild swedhana. Slightly warmed oil should be instilled in to the nostrils in prescribed dosage.Gentle massage should be performed to the palm,feet, shoulder and back. The patient is allowed to spit out the phlegm which comes to the throat repeatedly.Lay down till the process get over.Once it is completed do Gargling with hot water with little salt followed by Inhalation of medicated smoke through nostrils. Cotton should be kept in both the ears before going out of the room.


Dose : 4-8 drops per sitting.
Duration of the treatment : 20 minutes

Course of the treatment : 7 days


*E.N.T diseases
*Facial paralysis
*Cervical spondylitis

*Cervical spondylosis
*Hyper pigmentation