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Product For : Weakness • Diseases of the brain • Abdominal discomfort • Diarrhoea • Stomatitis • Insomnia • Poor M


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Product Description

Centella asiatica is also known as vallarai commonly as 'kudangal' being a well known traditional herb in India. Vallarai improves the receptive capacity of the mind , improve memory ,physical stamina, complexion & digestive capacity of the body. Also found to improve memory power among children.

Contains no.of minerals & vitamin K,vitamin B complex, calcium, sodium, magnesium zinc & manganese.It is also able to help protect the body fom toxins. Great antidote for improving memory therefore cosidered 'food for brain'. It help sharpen, alertness,memory & rejuvenate the brain. Antibiotic property speed up the healing process of wound providing vigour, strength & releif from insomnia.

No side effect ,it is safe for use . Pregnent women should however consult a physician prior to use.

1 to 2 Tablets | Twice daily.

Santhigiri Online Santhigiri Online

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