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Pack : 100ml

Product For : It is an oil based remedy for grey hair.


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It is a normal phenomenon to have grey as age progess, but in some, hair becomes grey prematurely, especially in young adults. Premature greying of hair is a burning issue as large number of population is affected now a daysespecially young men and women.Hair forms an important anatomical structure of the body which not only has protective  function but also adds beauty to the face.In Ayurveda there are umteen number of medicine which helps in premature greying. Naranokki is anoil which is prepared with the drugs which can prevent the grey hair. Drugs present in the oil helps in colouring of grey hair and also promotes the growth of black hair.Indications :  Checks premature greying, add blackness and luster to hair. Promotes hair growth.

Dosage : External application  for head as bathing oil.

Notes : Apply over the scalp and wash off after 30 minutes .

Each 5 ml processed out of:

Botanical Name                                   QTY

Embelica  officinalis (Fr)                         20ml

Tonospora cordifolia (St)                         20ml

Indigofera tinctoria (Pl)                           20ml

Occimum sanctum (Pl)                          20ml

Vernonia cineria (Pl)                               0.208g

Eclipta alba (Pl)                                     0.208g

Vetiveria zizanoids (Rt)                           0.208g

Coconut Oil                                            5ml

Ingredients: Amalki, Guduchi, Vishnupriya, Sahadevi.Bhringaraja , Usseram,Coconut tailam.


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